OK, I'm in....Now how does this work?

First of all, let me say; YASS, GET IT GIRL! (Or guy. We don't discriminate.)

A lot goes into the making of a boudoir session, but don't worry, none of it is complicated (at least not for you) I do things pretty differently from most other boudoir photogs, so some of this may feel familiar to you if you've had a session before, and some of it might not.  The very first thing we do is a consultation.  Typically the first one is when you reach out via facebook/email/phone.  We will go over what your ideas are, what kind of session you are looking for, and I can give tips on outfits, locations, and inspiration boards.  (Pinterest should be your friend.)  We will schedule a session date or we will be planning to at this point (sometimes we wait until all your purchased items are in before scheduling.)


Shopping:  If you shop online, MEASURE.  Do not trust your s/m/l "but this size has always fit me before."  Don't do it.  All reputable lingerie companies should have sizing measurements with their items.  When in doubt, order the next size up.  I can pin and tuck, but if you order too small we can't fix that without ripping seams...and we don't want to do that.   I have numerous blogs to help you with your lingerie decisions, and if you send me a photo of yourself and the item your looking at i can even work a little photoshop magic to let you see about what the item is going to look like on you! 

I highly suggest you get a bra fitting somewhere: Victoria's Secret will do this for free.  While your there...try on all the things!  Even things you may not think will work.  Look for different shapes, cut out, patterns...you don't have to buy a damn thing, but you may find a shape that works really well on you that you never would have thought of, and then you can expand on that.  If you want me to come shopping with you, Girl I totally will!  

We are also opening an online lingerie boutique which means even more choices.  You can touch and feel all the pretty things here and we will also be stocking a comprehensive Client Closet.  You can buy boutique items right here onsite, wear them for your session, then take them home and love them forever.  You can also buy online before your session and I'll have them waiting here for you at your session date!  

Hair and Makeup:  We offer in-house professional hair and makeup with all our sessions.  During your makeup you will get snacks and Mimosas, and we'll make sure you feel absolutely fabulous!  Our MUA's are not just makeup artists but also licensed estheticians, and will make sure you get the absolute best of the best.

Locations: I currently shoot in my Home Studio, in your home, outdoors, or in a Hotel/AirBNB.  This keeps the images diverse, keeps you more comfortable, and we have the option of multiple locations in one session.  I have several blogs with location ideas up for you to peruse, but if you're looking for something besides your own (or someone else's) home, Google will be your best friend.  And again, hit up that Facebook feed.  You might be surprised the places your friends know and love.

Different locations will come with different sets of rules; you can go buck wild in your home, no rules! Woot!  When in public spaces we have to walk a line of decorum and decency.  I like to chose places that are a little more secluded or we can step away, but certain places (like a beach or public park) may not always have that option.  We may be shooting in things more like swimwear than lingerie.  We just need to be mindful of the fact that there may be others around us with different comfort levels than ours.  In a Hotel you can pretty well do whatever you like indoors.  If you rent an AirBNB (which I highly suggest!) PLEASE ask permission to do a Boudoir before booking.  Specifically say that it is a Boudoir shoot.  I have never had someone tell me no, but they need to have the option of not having their house put on the internet with someone's (potentially) bare butt in front of the mantel.  It's just being polite.

The session:  Here we are!  I like to start early afternoon/mid morning for indoor, and late afternoon/early evening for outdoor.  This allows for the best lighting in each place.  If you've booked the Supreme Session we'll shoot until we run out of clothes/ideas/locations so you do not need to feel rushed in any way!  Most sessions are between an hour and a half and two hours, but if you want to hit four locations and do a marathon session I am up for it!  If you did not pre-pay, you will need to pay your session fee before the end of the set.  The Signature Session is 30 minute session after your hair and makeup (which usually takes about an hour) and is shot n one location only. 

The Reveal: I do what's called In Person Sales.  I bring you into my home office, or I can come to yours.  We will go over your final images, and you can choose your prints and products.  Our four most popular albums are all listed with pricing and descriptions on the website, but I am also able to get super-premium canvas, wood, and standard prints.  We have carefully curated print packages with a range of products made to compliment each other.   You can also buy from our a la carte list or have a custom package made just for you with products you love.  All Packages can be split into two or five-payment installments, but you get a gift valued at $100 for paying in full!


Afterwards: Shout your experience from the rooftops!  Referrals will get you a $50 credit to be used towards anything in my studio; prints, products, sessions, and even Lingerie!   All you have to do is tell someone about us, and when they book they need to tell me who referred them.  That's it!  You can share your digital images anywhere you like; in fact I encourage it!  Just tag us!  Don't want to share your images?  We're good with that too.  We will fill out a form before we're all done that tells me where and what kind of images you're comfortable with me sharing, and if that happens to be 'none' we respect your privacy 100%.  A little more about that can be found on my Privacy Policy page.  

Questions? Comments?  Drop me a line!  We're here to help, and I want to make sure everyone has the best experience possible :)







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