OK, I'm in....Now how does this work?

First of all, let me say; YASS, GET IT GIRL! (Or guy. We don't discriminate.)

A lot goes into the making of a boudoir session, but don't worry, none of it is complicated (at least not for you) I do things pretty differently from most other boudoir photogs, so some of this may feel familiar to you if you've had a session before, and some of it might not.  The very first thing we do is a consultation.  Typically the first one is when you reach out via facebook/email/phone.  We will go over what your ideas are, what kind of session you are looking for, and I can give tips on outfits, locations, and inspiration boards.  (Pinterest should be your friend.)  We will schedule a session date or we will be planning to at this point (sometimes we wait until all your purchased items are in before scheduling.)


Shopping:  If you shop online, MEASURE.  Do not trust your s/m/l "but this size has always fit me before."  Don't do it.  All reputable lingerie companies should have sizing measurements with their items.  When in doubt, order the next size up.  I can pin and tuck, but if you order too small we can't fix that without ripping seams...and we don't want to do that.   I have numerous blogs to help you with your lingerie decisions, and if you send me a photo of yourself and the item your looking at I can even work a little photoshop magic to let you see about what the item is going to look like on you! 

I highly suggest you get a bra fitting somewhere: Victoria's Secret will do this for free.  While your there...try on all the things!  Even things you may not think will work.  Look for different shapes, cut out, patterns...you don't have to buy a damn thing, but you may find a shape that works really well on you that you never would have thought of, and then you can expand on that.  If you want me to come shopping with you, Girl I totally will!  

We also have a comprehensive Client Closet (called The Boudoirdrobe) where you can chose what you want to wear for your session.  These are handpicked,  photographed on real people and unretouched so you can see exactly how they will fit different shapes.  Many of the pieces have stretch or give and will fit multiple sizes, so don't be afraid to try something that is a size up or size down.  You can come in, try on whatever you want, and use our pieces for your session.  Each item is hand washed and sanitized between each session.

Hair and Makeup:  We offer in-house professional hair and makeup with all our sessions.  During your makeup you will get snacks and Mimosas, and we'll make sure you feel absolutely fabulous!  Our MUA's are not just makeup artists but also licensed estheticians, and will make sure you get the absolute best of the best.  Most sessions I will loosely curl your hair, but on occasions where we have events, multiple sessions in a row, or themed sessions that require more elaborate styles, we have an in-house stylist as well.

Locations: I currently shoot in my Home Studio, in your home, outdoors, or in a Hotel/AirBNB.  This keeps the images diverse, keeps you more comfortable, and we have the option of multiple locations in one session.  I have several blogs with location ideas up for you to peruse, but if you're looking for something besides your own (or someone else's) home, Google will be your best friend.  And again, hit up that Facebook feed.  You might be surprised the places your friends know and love.

Different locations will come with different sets of rules; you can go buck wild in your home, no rules! Woot!  When in public spaces we have to walk a line of decorum and decency.  I like to chose places that are a little more secluded or we can step away, but certain places (like a beach or public park) may not always have that option.  We may be shooting in things more like swimwear than lingerie.  We just need to be mindful of the fact that there may be others around us with different comfort levels than ours.  In a Hotel you can pretty well do whatever you like indoors.  If you rent an AirBNB (which I highly suggest!) PLEASE ask permission to do a Boudoir before booking.  Specifically say that it is a Boudoir shoot.  I have never had someone tell me no, but they need to have the option of not having their house put on the internet with someone's (potentially) bare butt in front of the mantel.  It's just being polite.

The session:  Here we are!  I like to start mid-afternoon for indoor, and late afternoon/early evening for outdoor.  This allows for the best lighting in each place.  If you've booked the Supreme Session we'll shoot until we run out of clothes/ideas/locations so you do not need to feel rushed in any way!  Most Supreme sessions are between an hour and a half and two hours shoot time, but if you want to hit four locations and do a marathon session I am up for it!  If you did not pre-pay, you will be invoiced by email after your session.  This invoice needs to be paid before your reveal.  The Signature Session is 30 minute session after your hair and makeup (which usually takes about an hour) and is shot n one location only. 

The Reveal: I do what's called In Person Sales.  I bring you into my home office, or I can come to yours.  We will go over your final images, and you can choose your prints and products.  Our four most popular albums are all listed with pricing and descriptions on the website, but I am also able to get super-premium canvas, wood, and standard prints.  We have carefully curated print packages with a range of products made to compliment each other.   You can also buy from our a la carte list or have a custom package made just for you with products you love.  All Packages can be split into two or five-payment installments, but you get a gift valued at $100 for paying in full!


Afterwards: Shout your experience from the rooftops!  Referrals will get you a $50 credit to be used towards anything in my studio; prints, products, or sessions!   All you have to do is tell someone about us, and when they book they need to tell me who referred them.  That's it!  You can share your digital images anywhere you like; in fact I encourage it!  Just tag us!  Don't want to share your images?  We're good with that too.  We will fill out a form before we're all done that tells me where and what kind of images you're comfortable with me sharing, and if that happens to be 'none' we respect your privacy 100%.  A little more about that can be found on my Privacy Policy section.  

Questions? Comments?  Drop me a line!  We're here to help, and I want to make sure everyone has the best experience possible :)





Frequently asked questions

Where can I do my session?

Right now you have three options; 1)In my home studio 2) In your home (or a friends home...doesn't mater. Someone's home.) 3) In a Hotel, Motel, Inn, AirBnB, etc. 4) Outdoors (park, beach, etc) You can see a more comprehensive list of ideas and suggestions on my blog!

What comes with my session?

For your investment you get: -Professional hair and makeup -Mimosas and snacks -Your chosen session -Use of our Client Closet including lingerie, shoes, and accessories -Complete head-to-toe posing -Three fully edited, full size digital images -A goody bag

Is Hair and Makeup Included?

Professional hair and makeup is included with every session from our wonderful licensed MUAs. You can upgrade to airbrush makeup for a small upcharge or just $35!

Do I bring my own Lingerie?

Yes! I also have an ever-growing assortment of clothing and props you can borrow from during your session called the Boudoirdrobe (typically referred to as the Client Closet), and the more sessions we do the more I'll aquire! But by and large, you are responsibe for your own clothing and accessories. That being said, I am here to help you every step of the way; I have numerous blogs on the best types of clothing and where you can purchase them. I can come to your home and help you choose things you may not have thought of that you already have in your own closet. I will even go shopping with you if you like! You can also buy from our online boutique and have your items delivered or waiting for you when you get to your session.

Will my images be posted online?

That is 100% up to you. At your reveal we will fill out a questionnaire which tells me if you are comfortable with your finished images being on my website or social media. If you aren't comfortable with it, they will NEVER be posted online. If you need them to stay hidden until a certain date, we can do that too. Who sees your images is completely up to you, and you can change your mind at any time.

How do referrals work?

We LOVE referrals. When you tell people about us, make sure you tell them to use you as a referral. When they book their session they will get 10% off their session price by using you as a referral. When they complete their session you get a $50 credit to use in house on anything - a session fee, a print product, or even lingerie from the boutique!


-Privacy Policy-

It is my job to make sure that all my clients (like you!) are 100% comfortable throughout the entire boudoir process, and want to assure you we have strict privacy policies in place to make sure your images never go where you do not want them to go.  Discretion is first and foremost throughout your entire session, regardless of whether we're in a private hotel room or in the middle of a crowded beach, your comfort and privacy are my main concern.  You session may just be intended for a lover to see, or a friend, or just you.  Your job may be jeopardized if certain images appear online, and I want you to know I would NEVER be the one to put you in that position.  EVER.


Before the final pickup of your images/products you will fill out a form letting me know what you are and aren't comfortable with the world seeing.   Anything you want kept private (even if that is everything) is 100% your choice and it will be respected.  You can show everything - or just a little bit - or nothing, and it is all respected by me and any clientele I may employ.   If you do elect to allow your images to be shown online, know they may show up in one or more of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and my website.  I may ask if we can publish them.  You can refuse this at any time, and you can change your mind at any time.

You do receive an online gallery you can view and share that is securely encrypted on this website, and is password protected.  My images are kept on a private computer and are not even store in the cloud - they should not be accessible to anyone except me, ever.  



Client Agreement for Boudoir Photography Services

You are contracting with Valerie Simpson / Sophia Barra Boudoir for photography services. The following are the terms and conditions of this contract.

Terms & Conditions | Age of Consent:

Only people age 18 or older are eligible for boudoir photography services.  Please do not bring anyone under the age of 18 to your session (including children), but feel free to bring any friend/family member/significant other over legal age.

Relatives and friends may not take pictures while the Photographer is working unless you have gained permission before your session.  Friends and family are welcome for encouragement at your session, but please no children under the age of 18.  

Session Fee | Package Inclusions:

Supreme Session: This session fee ($350) pays for a session with no time limit, the Photographer's time, professional hair and makeup, editing of the images, meeting with the client for image review, and the ordering and delivering of prints/products (but does not include the price of any products, except the three digital images included in your session fee.)  Payment for session is due at time of session and will be send to your email via invoice.   

Signature Session: This session fee ($200) pays for a 30 minute session, the Photographer's time, editing of the images, three digital images, meeting with the client for image review, and the ordering and delivering of prints/products (but does not include the price of any products, except the three digital images included in your session fee.)  Payment for session is due at time of session and will be send to your email via invoice.   
All prints and products, with the exception of the three digitals promised with your session fee, are extra.   Payment for products is full pay via invoice, invoiced into two payments, or invoiced into five payments.  Prints or products will not be delivered until total is paid in full.

Photographer’s travel to and from shoot location is FREE if travel is within one hour zip code 34287. Additional travel fees are required for shoot locations beyond one hour at $25 per hour.


Payments for session are due no later than seven days past the date of the session, or the day of the reveal, whichever comes first.   Credit, debit, checks, Zelle, Venmo and cash are all accepted forms of payment at this time.  Make checks payable to “Valerie Simpson”. There is a $30 fee for all bounced checks. 


Sophia Barra Boudoir will produce the minimum number of proofs promised in the session you have paid for (15+ proofs for signature session – 25+ proofs for standard session.) The photographer has sole discretion in selecting the images to show you from your session and is under no obligation to show more.  Unretouched proofs are never presented or sold to clients. Password-Protected Portrait gallery on website will be available for one year.


Photographer will hand pick the session’s best images. Each of these images will be retouched and enhanced based on Photographer’s artistic vision. Photographer reserves the right to edit and release only those deemed creditable as professional in quality and within Photographer’s artistic standards. Completed images will be viewed at a mutually agreed upon location and time (called the Reveal Session). During this reveal  session Client will be prepared to place their order and provide down payment. Client’s final gallery images will be archived with Photographer for 1 year from the session date. 

Orders are placed through the Photographer’s website or at time of reveal. All orders are made through a Professional Photo Lab and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  Photographer works with several Professional Photo Labs and offers a variety of products. Payment is due in full at the time of pickup/delivery. Due to the custom nature of photography, all sales are final. However, should something not meet Client’s expectations, it is Client’s responsibility to contact Photographer and Photographer will work to resolve the issue to the Client’s satisfaction. Orders are usually delivered within 3-4 weeks of placing the order, however all albums are handmade and can take up to 6 weeks.  

Product Pricing | Sales Tax:

Prices and products in the product list are subject to change without notice.  All products are subject to Florida’s 6% sales taxes.  Sessions are not taxed.

Punctuality | Rescheduling | Cancelations:

Please arrive on time to your appointment. Sometimes shoots are scheduled back-to back, and to avoid a rushed shoot or having to reschedule altogether, it is imperative that you arrive on time, or even a few minutes early. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.

*Session deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE upon cancellation of appointment.  

*You may reschedule your appointment one time and keep your retainer fee - it will roll over onto your next session.

*If you need to reschedule, you must do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled session start time. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, you will forfeit your session deposit and may be charged a rescheduling fee. 

*If you reschedule more than twice, you may be charged an additional deposit upon booking.  

*If rescheduling/cancellation happens more than twice, Sophia Barra Boudoir has the right to refuse to reschedule or request you pay your session fee in full before booking. 

*If you are a no call/no show you will forfeit your session deposit and Sophia Barra Boudoir will refuse to work with you in the future.

If Sophia Barra Boudoir cancels your session and cannot reschedule with 90 days, your deposit will be returned in full. If a “force majeure” causes the cancellation of your session (including but not limited to road closures due to weather conditions, war, and natural disasters), Sophia Barra Boudoir may reschedule your session at a future date within 365 days or distribute a refund of the session fee at her

Wardrobe & Styling:

The client is responsible for choices in wardrobe, makeup, and hairstyle. No reshoots are available due to client disliking the wardrobe or styling in photos.  If professional makeup is available, we will make sure you are happy with your look before shooting.  Once a session is completed, we will not re-shoot.

Photo Editing:

Sophia Barra Boudoir will deliver photos that are edited to the best of her ability. She has no further obligation towards image manipulation once the final product has been ordered.

Editing style is at the discretion of the photographer.  Blemish removal is standard editing practice, however thinning of the body, lengthening of hair, removal of stretch marks, tattoos, etc. is not common practice and will not be done in this studio.  

Photo Use in Advertising | Privacy Policy:

All clients are asked to sign a model release that grants Sophia Barra Boudoir permission to use any photographs taken of you during your session in marketing and advertising (this will be signed during the reveal). If you do not feel comfortable having your images on social media, do not sign the release.  You won’t hurt our feelings!  You may also hand pick which images you are comfortable with showing and which to keep private.  We are dedicated to your comfort and privacy.  You may rescind your decision to share images at any time, and we will take down any images you aren’t comfortable sharing immediately.

Sophia Barra Boudoir will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your personal information to any third party.  Ever.  You can read our full privacy Policy Here.


All products produced under this contract is protected by US Copyright Law. Valerie Simpson / Sophia Barra Boudoir is the sole owner and copyright holder of every image taken during your session. You are more than welcome to share any and all digital images you have received, or photos you have taken of your prints/products.  In fact we encourage it!  Please do NOT put a filter on any of our images, we spend a long time editing to make our images a certain way, and filters detract from our artistic vision.  Tagging is not required but is greatly appreciated!  @sophiabarraboudoir or @styledbysbb 

Limit of Digital File Storage:

Sophia Barra Boudoir may destroy, delete, or otherwise erase all photos from your session at any time after you place your order. We will keep your online gallery (and therefor the proof digitals) for one year, but are under no obligation to retain them longer than one year from date of session.

Limit of Liability | Acts of God:

Sophia Barra Boudoir will make every effort to provide high-quality photography services. We give the utmost respect to exposure, transportation, and processing of photographs, using professional equipment and backup equipment.

In the unlikely event that your photographs are lost, stolen, or destroyed beyond our control, our liability is limited to the return of all payments you’ve made, only if digitals/items have not already been delivered to you. The limit of liability for partial loss of digital media/originals shall be a prorated amount of the exposures lost based on the total number of originals.

Sophia Barra Boudoir is not liable for failure to perform your session if such failure is the results of Acts of God (including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, or other natural disaster), war, or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone. No party is entitled to terminate this agreement in such circumstances.

Questions | Comments:

If you have any questions, comments, or issues with this contract please feel free to reach out to Valerie Simpson any time at 941) 402-6554.  
Our Home Studio address is:

8637 Leopold ave,
North Port FL 34287

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