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Your Boudoir Session | What To Bring

We've covered a lot about your session, everything from what to ear to what to expect has been covered. But this time I want to touch on what to actually bring with you the day of your session, because these things are important too! You're there, you've made it, it's the day of and you're SO EXCITED you get in the car and bring...nothing. While this is totally fine, I want you to be as comfortable as possible the entire time, so here's a handy little list of things to bring with you to your boudoir session!


You have three options for makeup, and all three require you to have different things on hand when you get to your session.

For pro makeup on site (in studio) - You want to bring your own foundation and favorite items. Even if your makeup artist is using airbrush or their own foundations, you want to make sure you bring yours that matches your face just in case. In my own studio we will almost always use your foundation, just because we know for sure it will match without any tweaking, which saves time and frustration for everybody.

For pro makeup off site - You will want to bring things just for emergency touch-ups. They will certainly set your face and I'm sure it will stay, but just in case you will want to bring a small sample of things like your lipstick color. If you ask, your MUA should have no problem providing you with a small amount to take with you since she won't be there on site to apply it herself.

If you do your own makeup - Again you'll want to bring touch-up items. Lipstick, maybe a liquid eyeliner if you've used one, and lash glue. All good things to have on hand in case of a wiped-eye or smudged lip emergency.

Comfortable Clothing

We not only want you to be comfy while your doing things like getting your makeup done, we want to avoid redness or lines on your skin from clothing, so wear something loose and comfy. Slip on shorts, a big tee, or a loose dress are all great options. You may also want to bring a robe. These things can all be used going from place to place if we're shooting outdoors, or even just room to room indoor. A robe is even a great supplement to your boudoir wardrobe session items, so it's something we really like to have on hand if you have one. It doesn't have to be fancy!

A Drink

I don't mean an alcoholic drink (Sorry!) While shooting you're literally going to get a workout, very much like a yoga session. So bring a drink! This is especially true if we're shooting outdoors, because it's Florida and it gets hot and we don't want anyone to die. So please, get you a cute insulated cup, fill it with your favorite hydrating beverage (maybe skip things that are carbonated or caffeinated....both cause bloat!) and tote that along with you throughout your session. Cheers!

Extra Wardrobe Items

Just because you don't think you'll need it doesn't mean you shouldn't bring it. Can't decide between two pair of heels to match your lacy chemise? Bring them both. And maybe an extra random pair, just in case. Have some boots you love but don't match anything? We have a client closet to borrow from, and honey you can always go nude. Bring those too. Jewelry, hats, shoes, shawls, his clothes...literally anything goes. The more choices you bring the more looks we get and the more images you walk away with. bring the closet (and half of his, too.)

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