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The Best Lingerie For Your Body Shape | Tips & Tricks

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Boudoir is all about feeling amazing in your body. That is literally the crux of my mission: to make you, my client, feel like you are the most amazing G*ddamned looking female on the face of this planet. And I want to say, first and foremost (really loud, for those of you in the back) YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING YOU WANT.

This is not about "I'm a pear shape so I shouldn't wear (insert lingerie here.) NO. If you see it and you like it, you buy it and you wear it. Simple.

That being said, there are certain things that will enhance what your working with on each body shape. We'll cover the five standard body shapes, and then take it a little bit further to touch on sub-types. I personally am a Triangle shape with a long torso and "Itty Bitties," and I wish this blog had been here to help me when I was Boudoir shopping. *shrugs*


"Forbidden Fruit." If you're an Apple shape, your waist is probably your widest measurement, and your hips and bust may be narrower in comparison. Some things may make you feel dumpy, because what you really want is a piece that is going to whittle you in and elongate your body.

Bodysuits with deep necks or side cutouts are a great option, and the corset is perfect for this shape. Waist nipping accessories are also a great idea; think a teddy with a ribbon around the middle. If you want to hide that middle altogether, choose a flowy sheer babydoll and show of those legs!

Inverted Triangle/Carrot

If your wider on top and have narrow hips, congratulations, you're a carrot! Accentuate those little hips with some low-rise panties, they fall on the widest part of your hips and help accentuate them. A high-rise halter neck top or bra will balance out broad shoulders, or layer on those pearls! If you want a more playful look, a babydoll will flare out on the bottom and help balance you out, while adding a touch of whimsy.


When Freddie Mercury was singing about Fat-Bottomed Girls makin' the world go round, he was singing about us! Your hips will be the widest part of your body, and most likely your ribs are the smallest. A babydoll will help skim the hips and most nip in at the ribs which will show off that shape. Ruffled or lace-bottomed bras will help elongate the torso if needed, and bring attention up top. High-rise booty shorts or high-cut teddies will accentuate those hips and booty. If you want to make your top appear bigger, padded push up bras are just the ticket. You can also rock a long chiffon gown if you want to silhouette your entire shape.


The most famous of the body shapes, Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian have the Hourglass shape. If you're rocking this body type your hips and chest/shoulders are about equal, and you have a cinched waist. Waspie corsets are built specifically to enhance this shape, and are super cute paired with just about anything. Bra and panty sets with garter belts are also a great option, accentuating your waist-to-hip flare. A bodysuit is also a really neat option, and comes is a wide range of materials and styles.


If you're a Rectangle/Square/Ruler shape then you're pretty well all straight lines; your shoulders, hips, and waist all pretty much line up without big curves. So that's what we want to do with lingerie; enhance the curves you have or create the illusion where there are none. G-strings and thing undies will create the illusion of a fuller bottom, and bras with wider bands, lace, or ruffles add volume and lengthen, bringing the eye to the curve of your waist. Ruffled skirts are also a great option, because they enhance the shape of your hips or bring a curve where there might not necessarily be one. You can totally rock a corset too, which will force an hourglass shape (Think Moulin Rouge!)

So that covers the main body shapes, but most of us are more than just one shape. So we'll just touch on variants here:

"Itty Bitties" - Smaller chests don't need the support others might, which means you can go with a lacy bralette (my favorite) or without one completely! A racerback bra will give you lift, a padded bra will give you volume, and if you want serious oomf slide in a set of silicone cutlets.

Busty - Bigger chests need support to give that full, rounded shape we've come to covet, so you're probably going to want to avoid unlined, super thin bras. Enhance your hips with a high waisted panty or garter belt.

Short Torso - Hip-hugging panties are key here, elongating your midsection. A lacy teddy with cutouts or midsection accents is a great idea, as well as a frilly babydoll that falls about mid-thigh.

Long Torso - High waisted pieces are your thing if you have a longer torso (like I do) and they're all the rage right now (yay!) A wider band on your bra will balance you out, or a crop top set will show off that long, lean midsection.

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