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Top 10 Places to Buy Boudoir Lingerie | Online & Local

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Legit, the top question I get asked when booking a Boudoir Session is "What should I wear?!" There's more than one answer to that question, and I'll cover them all in this blog; from the most flattering lingerie outfits for your shape, to what kind of outfits to buy for pregnancy, boho, and even bridal Boudoir sessions, to themed lingerie for special events. But today we're going to focus on the 'where' rather than the 'what' as I share with you my top 10 websites to buy Boudoir lingerie. (It goes without saying that this list doesn't include our online boutique, but I do use the same vendors as some of these sites! So you'll be able to find very similar styles at Sophia Barra and on online stores.)

And let me throw in I am not sponsored by or paid for referring ANY of these websites, they're literally on my list because I love and use them!


Yandy sells everything from lacy lingerie to dance-wear, and everything is categorized neatly so it;s super easy to browse, and let me tell you, they have EVERYTHING. Most of their styles are also super affordable, with bra and panty sets starting at just $5.99 and corsets at $31.95. They literally have everything; rompers, nightgowns, teddies, robes, and so much more, that this can easily be your one-stop-website to furnish your entire session and not break your bank account.


Pretty Little Thing

Once you get the feel of how to navigate the site, PLT has everything! You can shop by clothing type or body shape, and the lingerie section is organized by color, which I LOVE. Pricing is pretty fabulous too, with lingerie sets starting at about $15.00. PLT also has a really great selection, from sportier fit, to shape wear, to super lacy. They have a really great selection for plus-sizes too, which again is super easy to shop using their body-type shopping feature. It's quite possibly my new favorite thing and I'm not sure why more companies don't give you an option to shop that way.


Urban Outfitters

Y'all, I had no idea Urban Outfitters made Lingerie. Now that I do, it's actually one of my favorite places to order! It's all super cute and super unique, and they have a lot of styles you just won't find anywhere else. Most of their styles are PJ's, short sets, and over sized shirts, which works not just great for everyday lounging at home but those casual and boho Boudoir sessions. I am absolutely in love with their short sweaters and bodysuits. These will cost a little bit more, but the quality and functionality of being able to use them in everyday life will more than make up for it.



Missguided had just about everything you would ever need for a Boudoir session, including lingerie, shoes, and dresses, plus an exclusive Playboy Bunny line! You can shop by price, color, size, and category, as well as body type (Yass, Missguided!) They have a lot of mix and match singles options, and everything is super affordable with bodysuits at just $38.00! My favorite thing on their site is by far the bodysuits, they have super cute lace cutouts and peekaboos in super feminine styles.


Adore Me

By now I'm sure most of us have heard of Adore Me, they'e a pretty heavy hitter in the women's boutique lingerie market. And this is for good reason; they have a TON of styles to choose from, and the pricing is spot on at basically everything for $24.95 (even corsets!!) They have a really great size range too, and everything you can get in small you can get in plus, which is a really big deal because most sites don't bother to carry both in the same styles. Plus if you love their stuff you can get curated boxes every month...because honestly, who doesn't want to feel Boudoir pretty all the time? This is THE website for sheer, frilly night things and unique lace bodysuits.



Venus is the undisputed Queen of Lace. Everything is soft, feminine, and lacy, and I love it! A little more expensive than the ones that I've posted before this, but they run a lot of sales, and a really nice bra and panty set (did I mention all the lace....?) will still just set you back about $37, with most items running from $19-$30. They also have shoes, accessories, dresses, and even a lingerie fit guide, so you can easily do your entire Boudoir wardrobe right here.


Victoria's Secret

Ah, Victoria, the heavy hitter of the lingerie industry. First of all, let me give you a tip on shopping with Vikki; get fitted in the store, but shop online. The stores can't even come close to the inventory you'll find online, and if you resolve to shopping in person you'll likely come out disappointed. Also, GET THE VS CARD. It doesn't cost you anything, and they award a TON of points for every purchase, which let me tell you rack up fast and then you get to shop even more!! They also really know what they're doing here, you can shop by collection like Bridal, Classic Boudoir, Lounge Wear, and then add accessories to match all on one site. Yes, VS will cost more than the other sites I've listed, but part of what your paying for is their experience and unrivaled customer support, plus I've NEVER had a VS piece fall apart on me when properly cared for. Also, VS REALLY likes shimmers and sequins ❤


Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's is Heavy Hitter #2. In fact, when I did my own Boudoir session almost everything came from Frederick's! They have a HUGE selection of styles and you can literally shop for days, and the website is really comprehensively laid out so you can shop by style, type of lingerie, collection, even "ultra sexy" and "Role Play." They have a lot of fun stuff you won't find anywhere else. Also, Frederick's sales are great, and being a well known name means their customer service (if needed) is also spot-on. Their a lot cheaper to begin with also, you can legit find teddies for $10 and corsets as low as $25. They can tend to lean a little more towards the fetish side, which brings in a completely different set of items than we see in the other shops.


Adam & Eve

Another site I'm positive you've heard of before is Adam & Eve, which sells not just lingerie but a whole line of intimates for couples designed to keep the bedroom fun. Their stuff, like Frederick's, can occasionally run a little more towards the racy side, and wile the selection isn't as comprehensive as a lot of the other sites they have some really unique things I suggest you check out. This is a great place to get those fun little accessories (furry handcuffs anyone?) and the prices are spot on with most of our other sites, with most sets coming in between $25-$35. You may not be able to get an entire session's worth of things here, but I can guarantee this is where you'll find that ONE thing that'll make you feel like a million bucks.



Yep, you read that right: Poshmark! Not only is it my favorite place to get, well, pretty much everything in my closet, but it's a great source for Boutique lingerie! All sizes, all styles, literally anything you could be searching for you can probably find here. The only thing is you do actually have to search a little bit, but generally I just end up finding things I didn't even know I wanted, which I'm going to consider a plus. The only downside is if your on a time constraint you may not get your items in time, it's regular sellers and small businesses so your on their schedule as far as how long it takes to drop your item in the mail. For the most part, though, I've had pretty good luck so far and everything I've ever ordered has been exactly (or better) as described.

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