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The Ultimate Lingerie Guide | A Dictionary for Underthings

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

So you've booked your Boudoir session, and you've looked up the best lingerie for your body type, and you're all set to go shopping. Your list says things like "Teddy" and "Bustier" and you're feeling really confident....until you remember you don't really know what any of these items are. Don't worry, we got you, girl.

Bikini (Undies)

The classic cut panty, not too high and not too low cut, with fuller coverage in the back, but not so much that they'll look like grandma's underwear. Classic and timeless.


A one-piece suit that is basically bra and panties in one (this can also be called a Teddy.) This is definitely one of the most popular lingerie options and comes in a very wide range of styles from demure and full coverage to full on fetish.


A bodysuit, but full body! These can come in a range of styles from the appearance of two pieces to a solid stocking. Hard to get into but worth the effort!


We know what this is. There are a lot of options here though, Bralettes, Demi Cups, Longlines, Open Cups, Padded bras, Push-Ups, Shelf cups, Strapless....lots of options to choose from when bra shopping.


Basically a pretty bra with no structuring, a bralette is typically racer back style. They can offer some support but it won't be much, and are generally just meant to be pretty little things. These have become really popular under shirts and dresses where you can see the bralette, and are great paired with matching panties or even a corset.


Similar to a corset, a Buster will push you up and slim you down! It will have a corset shape but not the rigidity, and is easier on with no laces. Some will hit about the belly button, but most will cover the torso. Many have attachments for garter stockings.


A babydoll is as sweet as it sounds, and is a classic Boudoir choice. They are ultra flattering on every body shape, and can enhance or hide depending on the style. Racy or sweet, you can't go wrong with this thigh-skimming classic.


A Cami is usually paired with a short set or lacy undies, and has been having a moment under business suits lately; but it started in the bedroom. Usually silk and lace, cami's can be found in a wide array of fabrics and styles.


A chemise is a short slip, and is usually paired with a lacy panty. Feminine and flirty, the chemise is a Boudoir wardrobe staple. The classic chemise is lace on to and satin on the bottom, but you can now find them made completely from lace or a mix of materials.


The ultimate shapewear, corsets were the original Boudoir staple. Lightly lined or steel boned, corsets come in a variety of styles and strengths (but they're all sexy!) including the waspie, underbust, and overbust.

Garter Belt

What used to be functional under dresses to hold up stockings, garter belts have become synonymous with Boudoir wardrobe. Usually matched with a bra and panty set, Garter belts are all class.


These are not your grandma's nightgowns! Gowns can hit anywhere from mid-thigh to floor length, and while traditionally made of silk or satin, can be found in a variety of fabrics, shapes, and styles.

G-String (Undies)

High or low-rise, G-strings are pure sex appeal. Zero coverage, zero support, all sexy.

Hipster (Undies)

Low on the hips and high on the cheeks (which is why they're sometimes referred to a 'cheekies' Hipsters are understated sexy. One step up from boyshorts, these are the ultimate derriere-enhancers.


No longer just used as a cover-up, a robe can be a feature outfit all it's own. Robes can be short, floor-length, silk or satin, sheer, trimmed in feathers, fur or lace, and everything in between. They are the ultimate Boudoir accessory!


Like the ones you see people wearing outside....but sexier. Basically a cami and shorts set attached together. Girlish and demure, with just a hint of sex appeal.


Knee-high, thigh-high, striped, fishnet...and all sexy. Stockings are the ultimate outfit finisher to compliment literally any piece of lingerie. Pair with a garter belt for even more sex appeal.


Timeless and sexy, a teddy is sometimes referred to as a bodysuit. Anything goes in the world of Teddies, and they come in a huge selection of fabrics, styles, and functions. One of the most fun outfits to style for a Boudoir session as they can easily be dresses up or down.

Thong (Undies)

Quite possibly more sexy even than the G-string, (There's songs about them!) thongs can be high or low on the hips. The only real rule is the strip of fabric in the back that makes it a traditional thong.

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