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The Truth About Corsets | Fashion vs Real

Let me preface this by saying I LOVE corsets. And I also like to shoot corsets, but they aren't something you'll find a whole lot of in my Client Closet, and there's a really good reason why. Like all things, a good corset is not cheap, and a cheap corset is not good. Can we shoot in a cheap corset? If you really want to, absolutely. But we are going to take a little time and suss out some misconceptions, and talk about real, fitted corsets with proper boning and shaping versus fashion corsets.

What is a corset?

"A corset is a garment worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape, traditionally a smaller waist or larger bottom, for aesthetic or medical purposes, or support the breasts." Proper corseting is done for several reasons, the most popular of which is either cinching or waist training. When properly fitted and broken in, a corset will NOT hurt you. In fact, when done properly corseting will improve your posture, aid in weight loss, support your bust, help with postpartum strengthening and tightening, and even alleviate back pain.

This is all IF you have been properly fitted, for the correct kind of corset for both your body shape and your goals, which can only be accomplished in a real, steel boned corset.

What's a Fashion Corset?

A fashion corset is just that; a 'corset' designed to be nothing more than a fashion piece, that will not properly cinch your waist or train your body. Since these aren't proper working corsets, the boning is typically made of lightweight plastic rather than steel. Same thing with the fabric the corset itself is made of - proper corsets must be made with high end, durable fabrics meant to be lived in daily, whereas fashion corsets will be made of all kinds of materials meant to look pretty, but not do any real kind of work. A fashion corset's only job is to look pretty.

You CANNOT get a proper shape from a fashion corset that you will from a real corset.

You also CANNOT just go buy a real corset, slap it on, lace it up, and expect it to work properly or be comfortable.

Let Alaynna from GlamMar Studios show you the difference:

On the left is a fashion corset from Corset Story, and on the right is a real corset from Mystic City Corsets.

But can I use corsets in my Session?

You absolutely can, and the point of this blog is only to educate, not to sway you from wearing what you envision for your session. BUT, you need to be aware that the image you see in your head when you think about corseting is probably not the actual result that you will get with a fashion corset. Depending on the quality, a fashion corset can actually make you look wider, which is certainly not the intention when someone wants to use corsets.

I still want to get one.

That's just fine, but keep in mind the pricier ones are better. Please do NOT get your corset from Amazon, your going to end up with a low quality sausage tube, not a corset. If you'd like a fashion corset for your session, please get one at Orchard Corset. Corset Story is an OK alternative, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.

For proper corsets, I suggest Mystic City Corsets, Timeless Trends, Dark Garden Corsetry, and Isabella Corsetry.


Orchard Corset - https://www.orchardcorset.com/

Corset Story - https://corset-story.com/

Mystic City Corsets - https://www.mysticcitycorsets.com/

Timeless Trends - https://timeless-trends.com/

Dark Garden Corsetry - https://www.darkgarden.com/

Isabella Corsetry - https://www.corsetmaker.com/

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