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The Locations Blog | Outdoor Edition

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

This post will continue to grow as we discover more and more locations, so keep tuned!

Outdoor is my absolute favorite place to take boudoir photos. It's a little unexpected, a little bit voyeuristic, and full of light and gorgeousness. You will never get a glow in a studio like you do in the sun. Yes, you have to be comfortable with your semi-nudity and a little bit of an exhibitionist...but it's all just part of the thrill, am I right? And lucky for us, nudity in any and all forms is more or less expected in Florida; no one will bat an eye at even the skimpiest of outfits. Nowhere else (except maybe California) is as comfortable in it's own skin as Florida.

Oaks Park, North Port

Hands down, my favorite spot for outdoor locations. It has it all - giant, hanging moss covered oaks, tall grass, country fencing, low hanging branches, a river, and SO. MUCH. LIGHT. You can shoot an entire session here and look like you went to five different locations. And, since it's off the beaten path, it's usually pretty secluded (which is great when your outdoors in your skivvies.)

Casperson Beach, Venice

If you want outdoor beach photos, Casperson is your beach. White sand turns to black sand turns to rocks with crashing waves, all surrounded by dense forest and walking paths. Even at it's busiest you can find a semi-secluded spot down the beach, as the tourists tend not to wander down past the toe-shredding coral rocks, leaving it to the locals. The sunset does not hit this side of the beach, though, so if you want fire in the sky you have to get there for sunrise.

Myakkahatchie Preserve

I have only just begun to explore this amazing preserve. Dense forest, wide open fields, miles of walking paths, and a gorgeous little stream with a footbridge has lent me some phenomenal pictures. It's big enough that even with a parking lot full of cars you may not see another person the whole time you're there.

Stump Pass - Venice Beach

This one has paid parking (which means less people park there) but you can literally do an entire session on this one beach. The beach itself has a WIDE swath of sand, and it's impeccably kept. Most people keep to the parking area so you don't have towalk too terribly far and you're pretty much alone. It also has lots of paths and forest tunnels, which pop out onto random coves and have amazing flowers and foliage. It's like five different looks in one place! No rocks, but lots of shells and good surf.

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