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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

There's something to be said about doing a boudoir session in your own home; you're comfortable there, you don't run the risk of forgetting to bring your favorite pair of shoes, and if your hungry - the fridge has snacks! But, the whole premise of boudoir is to step outside your comfort zone, and one of my favorite places to do that is with AirBnB.

Before I opened Sophia Barra Boudoir I dabbled in boudie's with my sister company, Simpson Photography. I used to rent entire mansions through AirBnB for the whole weekend and we'd have giant Boudoir parties. You'd come in, get your hair and makeup done, do you session, and then had the option of renting the rooms and staying for the night. It was amazing, and I developed a great love for being able to rent other people's homes. In fact, we rented our own out on AirBnB for about a year, so I've been on both sides of the rental coin!

Here are just a few locations I have found while browsing the AirBnB boards that would make perfect Boudoir locations! Just remember - if you're planning on renting someone else's home for your session, PLEASE ask them if it's OK to shoot there first. Specifically ask about boudoir photography. While I have never had anyone tell me no, we want to make sure they don't come across their mantel place online with someone's (potentially) bare butt in front of it and freak out.


"Beautiful Waterfront Home with Pool" - Punta Gorda

This is clean, modern, and sophisticated. There are multiple bedrooms that would work perfectly for boudoir, and that living area is to die for. There are endless possibilities with this one. He's a superhost, has a perfect five star rating, and you get the entire 3200sq/ft house for $199/night! he does have a 3 day minimum stay, but that just means you get to make an entire weekend of it!


"Harborside Haven - Relax and Unwind" - Punta Gorda

Bright spaces and beautiful textures absolutely fill this home. It's luxurious and rustic at the same time! LOTS of shooting possibilities with this one. They're superhosts, have a perfect 5 star rating, and you get the whole house for $105 a night. There's no minimum stay requirement so do a day or do a weekend!


"Mid-Century Bungalow By Siesta Key & Armand's" - Sarasota

Soft colors, bright spaces, and an amazing mix of modern and mid-century pieces (plus OMG, that backyard!) this bungalow is perfect for an afternoon boudie session. You get the whole 2bed/2bath bungalow for just $98 a night in what I consider to be the best part of town. The owner is a superhost and does not require a minimum stay.


"Stunning Home in Englewood" - Englewood

I adore this house. Warm, wood ceilings, a little bit of a Grecian vibe, a little bit beachy...There are so many look here in one space. The decor is modern, but understated. The superhost has a 5 star rating and you get the whole house for $150/night, with no minimum stay requirements.


"Cozy & Private Modern Man Cave" - Englewood

I know it says 'man cave' but this place is PERFECT for a modern Boudoir. Do NOT let it's understated exterior fool you. Light, bright, dark wood ceilings, minimal and tasteful decor, it's like straight out of a magazine. If I were to book my own session, this would be where I would do it. And, its only $56 a night! Two bed/3 Bath, you get the whole house with no minimum stays from this superhost.


"The Oz Tree House" - Englewood

This apartment is adorable, overstuffed, comfortable, country-meets-artist vibe. There are so many luxurious fabrics, so many interesting crannies, and an absolutely fabulous back yard. If boho is your vibe, this is the spot for you. And y'all..there's a cat! No minimum stay required by this superhost, and you get all the fabulousness for just $89/night.


"Bayside Retreat" - Englewood

This is a beautiful, gated home on two acres, and you get the whole house! It's very classic, as close as I've seen to the vintage type bed and breakfasts that I was used to in the Midwest. An opulent bedroom, a pool table and game room, a music room with piano, plus a three sided fireplace and a hot tub are all in the home. You really do get a lot with this one, the whole house is just $120 a night with these Superhosts, and you're getting a whole lot of house for your money.


"Granada Gates at Warm Mineral Springs" - North Port

This house looks warm, comfortable, and inviting. The kitchen looks brand new and amazing, and there are high-end touches throughout the home. You absolutely cannot beat the price; you get the whole home for just $56 a night!


"Casablanca of North Port" - North Port

Warm furniture and bright spaces fill this home, which the owner calls a taste of the "West Indies." The master bedroom is really beautiful. It looks like a very spacious home, with three bedroom and two bathrooms, and you get the entire house by this superhost for just $125 a night with no minimum stay.


This is just a small sampling of some really amazing places offered on AirBnB. It is hands down the best bang for your buck when wanting a home-like session but not in your own home. If you have a favorite host or home, let me know so we can add them to ou rlist!

(Disclaimer: I have not been to any of these homes, they are culled from an AirBnB availability search. ALWAYS ask permission to hold a boudoir shoot before you book a home for that purpose.)

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