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Shelby's Signature Session | Fall on Fire

You hear me harp all the time about NOW being the best time to do a session. I mean, lets be honest, you'll always feel like there is something else you need to do before you get one done, right? I need to lose ten pounds, or I need to get my hair and nails done, or I need to find the perfect outfit, or I need to have the right significant other to gift them to...the list goes on. But if you think that way, you'll realize the time is never right, and there's always something else you 'need' to do first, and pretty soon it's been a year and you still haven't done that session.

Well, Shelby decided to (and I quote) "Fuck It" and do the session. 2020 has been a rough year - Shelby has been helping taking care of a sick family member, just to find out she has her own health problem to battle. When you're never going to get to "the right time," make now the right time.

Read on to hear about something funny that happened during our session XD

Describe yourself in three words:

"Determined, Kindhearted, Loyal."

What made you want to do a session?

"I have always had doing a boudoir session on my Bucket List but I've always said 'once I lose more weight' or 'Once I'm not sick anymore' but I finally said to Hell with it and threw my insecurities to the wind!"

Where did you decide to do your session?

"We did the session outside right next to a church...which was so funny to me, but they turned out beautifully!"

Did you have hair and makeup done?

"I did my own light makeup and curled my hair, but the wind had other plans."

What clothing did you bring?

"I was photographed in a light pink mesh bodysuit."

What was your favorite part of the session?

"The whole shoot! It was fun and comfortable."

If you had one piece of advice for someone wanting to do a session, what would it be?

"If I were to give someone advice I would say just do it! If you wait until you think your body is perfect enough, it already is. Every woman is a piece of artwork; why not have it photographed and framed?"

So I swear, we can't just have a normal session. Something has to happen (be forewarned, ladies XD) Our original plans were to drive into Sarasota and photograph at the Celery Fields. I knew that there was a big section of this pink pampas grass there, which is what I was specifically after for this session. I'd been out running errands the day before and saw a big patch of them right here in North Port, so we decided to save ourselves two hours and just do them here.

Now, this is on the side of a busy street, but I'd reassured Shelby that people were literally going by us at 60mph, no-one was watching what we were doing, and not many people walk that particular sidewalk past the subdivisions so we wouldn't be bothered.

Boy was I wrong. We weren't there shooting five minutes when a gentleman rides by us on a bike, decides he wants a closer look at the girl in lingerie sitting in the bushes, and cycles back around to talk to us. Legit, he stayed there for fifteen minutes talking and asking questions about what we were doing, and what was boudoir, and why lingerie though? To be honest, it was not just hilarious but also flattering, and it was an added ice breaker even though someone was literally leering at Shelby standing in a bush in her underwear. We got a pretty big kick out of it, to be honest.

Describe yourself in three words

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