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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Yep. I've done a boudoir too. Because I figure, I can't very well spend my life making you feel ah-ma-zing for your photos if I haven't had the same experience, right?


(This blog will be a little bit different just because it's me talking about my experience with another photographer, and each does things a little bit differently.)

Describe yourself in three words....go!

"Creative, Loud (Bold is maybe a better word?) Ambitious. A co-worker calls me a 'robust mountain woman' even though I've never been to the mountains...he means it in the most positive way. I'm also extremely laid back. So that's way more than three."

What made you decide to do a boudoir session?

"My husband and I have been married fifteen years in 2020, and he's been asking me for at least ten of those (when I started my business) for a set of boudoir photos. He went to work in North Dakota for six months and was gone for his birthday, so I thought that would be a perfect time to get them done, while I can prepare and pamper myself for a week beforehand and he would be none the wiser!

I'd also recently lost 50lbs doing keto, and I was felling pretty good about myself, so it was basically like the stars aligned and said 'now is the time!'"

Where did you chose to do your session?

"The photographer I chose has a studio in Sarasota, so we did everything there. She has a suite of rooms set up specifically for boudoir sessions. I would have liked to do some outdoors, but it was raining the whole time :( "

Did you have hair and makeup done?

"It was included in the package. I'd had my makeup done twice that week- once for my daughters wedding and once for the boudoir, and I'd never had it done in my life before that week. Two wildly different experiences I'm glad I've now had."

What were your clothing choices?

"We picked a little black dress, and another higher-end blouse-and-skirt combo to start with. I had a black, wide band bra and panty set, a cream and maroon bodysuit, a red bodysuit, and a faux-leather bustier set."

What was your favorite part of the session?

"At about the halfway point we all got to laughing and I had a huge rush of confidence and just got really comfortable. By the end, no lie, I was just walking around in my birthday suit, we'd all connected and it was like hanging out with buddies you've known forever. Christine (my photographer) kept getting me to smile by saying 'don't hate me, girl' and it was hilarious."

How did the reveal go?

"Thankfully Chris does in-person reveals like I do. It was neat being on the other side of the desk. We sat a long time and went over everything, chose a beautiful (pink!!) album, and just had the best time. It reminded me of why I chose to do in person reveals, because if I had just looked at them online I think it would have been a much different experience. There's something about holding physical prints in your hand that is so fulfilling, and to get to touch it and say Ohmygosh, that's me!"

If you had one piece of advice for someone thinking about doing a session, what would it be?

" GO. FOR. IT. Don't worry about 'I want to lose five pounds' or 'But I'm so nervous' or 'I've never done anything like this before.' Do it. Do it for you, and then let your significant other reap the benefits. I've never heard of anyone feel anything short of a goddess after a session. Pull up those britches and go for it."

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