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I did my session - Now what do I do with my images?

You did your session - you pulled up those Big Girl Britches and got glammed up and did it! WOOO! Now what?

When we do your reveal you have two choices: a Print Package or an A La Carte purchase. Both have their benefits depending on what your intentions were for your session. No matter what you choose, you'll be walking away with some sort of products to celebrate your awesome self. Let's talk about what to do with them once you get them home!

Digital Images:

This one's easy. As soon as your order is paid in full you'll get your digital images, oftentimes sooner than your products. Share them! Show those bad boys to your best friends, or even on Facebook! We are active on Instagram and love being tagged, and it's the BEST way to hype yourself up before your products get here! You can also send a few to your significant other as a teaser before you bring home those albums ;)


Prints are one of my very favorite things to offer, particularly our Professional Print Set. It has 12 prints on heavy matte paper with a classic white edging and comes in a photo box, and it's just a really beautiful way to store them, or even leave the box on a side table where it can be seen and accessed.

Whether you get the print set or regular lustre paper prints, they are just so versatile and I love prints for that. They can be wrapped and gifted, hidden away to be looked upon in private. They can be put in a scrapbook or slide album to be cherished for a lifetime. They can be framed and hung in prominence in your home (display ideas are farther down in the post - keep reading!)

Canvas & Gallery Blocks:

First let's talk about the difference between a Canvas and a Gallery Block.

Canvas: The Classic. Premium quality canvas stretched around a hollow wood frame, finished with a black mat board and hanging hardware.

Gallery Blocks: Ultra Modern. Endura Metallic photo paper is wrapped around a solid wood block and sealed for lasting durability.

I personally have Gallery Blocks in my home from when my daughter got married last year, and I just think they're the perfect mix of classy and modern and beautiful. The colors are really vibrant and I really love it. It still looks like a canvas but it will never warp or sag, but we still offer canvases because I know how much people love them, and they are just really timeless wall art.

What do I do with Wall Art?

Whether you get paper prints or proper wall art, I'm sure your wondering "What do I do with a half-nekkid image of myself?" PUT THEM ON THE WALL.

If you live alone or it's just you and your spouse, put them front and center! Hang them above the couch, or put on in a frame on an end table. Hang a set of three in the hall.

If you have kids that you don't necessarily want seeing them all the time, move them to the bedroom. This is YOUR space, your sanctuary. Hang a set above the bed, or across from it, or put them in frames on the side tables. Put up some shelving and put framed prints there with some pretty tchotchkes and plants. There's endless possibilities!


We have four incredibly beautiful albums available for purchase - Journal, Couture, Linen, and Leather. All are fully customizable from number of pages to cover choices. If you have a smaller session or only want a handful of images in your album, Journal and Couture are the way to go - they only require ten pages. Linen and Leather are your high-end options, and require more images per spread.

Journal and Couture are fun, have funky cover options (and a TON of them) and can be as demure or as over the top as your imagination can come up with. Likewise, Linen and Leather are both classy, lavish and upscale options with a smaller choice of colors but sumptuous feeling fabrics.

Albums are meant to be cherished, whether given to a loved on or kept for oneself and are built to last a lifetime and more.

Accordion Albums:

The fun one! This isn't available for sale through our menu, instead the only way to get this little accordion show-off album is to pay your balance in full without installments on your product order. It's so cute and fun, we just had to add it in as a gift. Sparkly covers, magnetic latch, and pocket sized to carry and share! Give it as a small surprise gift - or keep it for yourself to show those images off!!

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