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How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session | Tips & Tricks

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Hey Gorgeous!

So you've booked your boudoir session. OMG, now what?

I have several other blog posts on what to wear, and hair and makeup tips, and even where to get all your fun new items (like...our online boutique, anyone?) so this blog will specifically focus on how to prepare for the session that I KNOW you're stressing over. But don't.

Girl, I got you.


Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE! Set a reminder on your phone, buy one of those spiffy water level cups, whatever you've got to do to remind your self to drink more water, do it! I'm talking 5-7 days before your session, ramp up that water intake. It'll make your skin absolutely glow, and it help beat bloat. You'll feel amazing too, I promise.

Shave or wax a few days before your session. Especially if you have sensitive skin and tend to get bumps, don't shave the day of. You want to avoid redness and irritation as much as possible.

Exfoliate & Moisturize! The day of, exfoliate EVERYTHING. I use a soft bristle body brush and sugar scrub in the shower. Your skin will feel AH-MA-ZING. As soon as you get out and dry off, rub in your favorite moisturizer. Your skin will be radiant!

Eat! Seriously. Eat a healthy meal. Don't just drink a soy mocha latte and think you'll be fine. Boudoir is basically a long yoga session, you're going to be holding poses and using muscles you may not often use, and the last thing you want is a grumbling stomach or worse - to get lightheaded or faint. We've been known to sip wine and Champaign while shooting as well....so there's that. Just eat your breakfast. Trust me.

Pamper yourself with a Mani/Pedi. Don't get anything too crazy or intricate, solid colors work best, reds, blacks, and neutrals are timeless and classic. Use the same or very similar shades on both nails and toenails.

SLEEEEEP. Skip the caffeine the day before. Relax. Sleep. You'll look awesome with 8 hours.

Wear something comfy to the session. Especially if your getting hair and makeup done, do it in a t-shirt and yoga pants or something similar. You want to be comfy and avoid any red marks on your skin. Oh, and wear clear (or no) deodorant. You don't want white marks on clothes or deodorant caking in your pits...I don't care if you come Au Naturale. We don't judge here.


Spray tan, or hit the beach and have harsh tan lines. Spray tanning typically ends up streaky, or settles into lines, or rubs off on all your pretty new white lacy things. If you must tan, (and we advise against it) do it in a tanning bed, and moisturize after. If you don't normally tan - DO NOT TAN. FYI - photoshop will not fix a sunburn.

Skip trying on all your outfits. If it's too baggy or too tight, you won't look or feel your best. You need to try on all your things a few days ahead of time and make sure everything fits, so if something doesn't you have time to get more! (But don't worry, we have things in studio also.)

Drink before your session. You don't want to overdo it and have glassy or bloodshot eyes, and you definitely want all your faculties in place. I promise once you get to the session and start having fun you will relax, and we do tend to drink a little at the session itself if you like (Moderation is key here) plus alcohol will bloat you up, and we don't want that now, do we?

That being said, don't be nervous. I promise you, you will feel amazing, your images will be fantastic, and afterwards you're going to be telling all your friend about what an awesome experience you had.

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