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How to hide your insecurities | The Mom Belly

Let me start this by saying - YOU SHOULD NOT BE ASHAMED OF ANY PART OF YOUR BODY! It has done amazing things; it has formed and fed and given life to another human being. It has grown, its muscles have been moved and torn and rendered, its skin has been stretched and pulled and sore. You're likely left with stretch marks, loose skin, scars, and that lovely little pocket where your baby once sat. While we should celebrate the things our bodies have done, I understand that learning to love the things the media tends to show as undesirable has taken its toll on us all, myself included. I fully understand the need to feel desirable, especially a during Boudoir session. So, my friend, I will share with you some no-fail ways to elongate, hide, and otherwise feel effing amazing again.

All these images are of real SBB clients, and we really do use all of the poses in our studio!

Arch Your Back

This is a surefire way to not only lessen the 'mum tum' but also look and feel sexy as hell. Arching your back stretches and elongates your midsection, and takes the focus off your middle. Point those toes, girl!

Show Off Your Legs

Sitting with your torso slightly turned away and your knees high will both cover your midsection, and draw the eye to your gorgeous, curvy legs. Cross one atop the other and rest your hands on your knees, or put an elbow to the knee. You'll get a great hourglass side-profile and your legs will be front and center, not your stomach.

Emphasize Your Back

And, you know, that lovely tush you've got going on back there. There's a whole host of back-to-the-camera poses that will have your curves singing and that butt popping...and no one is looking anywhere but that beautiful booty, I promise.

Sit On Your Knees

Sitting on your knees, whether facing towards or away from the camera allows your core to extend that can downplay your pooch. Arch behind and grab your heels, and your extended back will create a gorgeous hourglass, plus that sexy come-hither pose is sure to please with all your goodies on full display.

Fall Off The Edge

Slide yourself off the side of a bed or chair and rest your weight on your forearms. This stretches your core around the piece of furniture, creating a slenderizing effect. Take a deep breath in to raise your chest and engage your core muscles for an even bigger effect.

Lay On Your Stomach

Want to really hide your tummy? Just lay on it ;) Honestly though, its a fabulous pose - and an easy one. Laying on your stomach accentuates your natural curves and brings your figure (and your booty) up front and center.

Big Stretch!

Lengthening your body in any way elongates the spine and flattens the stomach. Whether standing in the middle of a room, using a doorway, or leaning on a wall, bring your arms up and stretch to the sky.

Lay On Your Back

Maybe it sounds counter-intuitive, but you've got gravity on your side. Laying on your back and putting all your weight on your hips and shoulders brings your spine slightly off the ground and flattens your stomach.


When in doubt...just cover it! There's a ton of great cover-up options out there, from robes to oversize T-shirts, button downs, and sweaters. Cardigans, scarves, sheets, sheer fabrics...the list goes on. You also have props ! Plants, musical instruments, books...the list goes on.

Stop Worrying About It!

I know, it's a lot easier said than done. But look, when you're living in the moment and not focusing on your insecurities, you can totally see it. Let go and let everyone appreciate the magnificent vessel that carries someone who is well and truly loved.

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