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How to do a secret Boudoir session | And get away with it!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Want to do a Boudoir session and don't want your significant other to know? I got you, girl. Here's your step by step guide on how to do a sneaky session.

Plan ahead. Start talking about needing a date night, or a night away if your planning on renting a hotel or AirBnB for your session. I'm talking like a month or two before. Get it into his head that you need a romantic weekend just the two of you. Find your hotel/AirBnB and after you make sure both the photographer and your chosen venue is available on the same date, book them both. If you want hair and makeup professionally done, book that too for the same morning. Its really important you book at least a month in advance to make sure your choice vendors are available. If you wait until a week before you're going to be stressing and scrambling. So don't.

Your very best bet is to book a day that he works, like a Friday. If staying at a hotel just a Friday night seems odd to him, bite the bullet and book both Friday and Saturday, but unless you want to try and figure out somewhere to send him off on his own for a few hours, you'll want to shoot while he's at work and none the wiser.

Need outfits? Shop online, or go to stores while he's working. Don't make it a secret that your shopping, just tell him your planning your big weekend. Maybe show him one piece of lingerie that you bought, it'll get him excited for the big weekend; but keep the rest a secret so he's blown away when he sees the images!

You will be able to start prepping as well, since he knows something is going on. You can get your hair cut/colored, nails done, etc. Basically everything you do up to the big day is just getting ready for your weekend out.

Make sure you coordinate everything for your day-of activities, keeping his work schedule in mind. Hair and makeup should be first thing in the morning, and if you do them in the respective salons you won't have t worry about your room being ready super early. Usually you can't check in to a hotel or even an AirBnB until mid-afternoon; but you can always request an early check in. Most places don't have a problem with this and are really accommodating for at least a few extra hours early. If he gets off work at five, start your session no later than one pm. That should leave plenty of time to shoot, pick up, and get ready for a dinner out. Your hair and makeup will already be done- Just throw your dinner dress on over your chosen lingerie and head out. He'll have no idea anything even happened.

Then enjoy your weekend!

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