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Since a number of our clients are out of state, I thought this would be the best way to be able to feature our amazing premium albums without having to carry them with me to each session (or you know...when I forget to bring them along...like I do.) I took these movies on my phone so they aren't great, but it will give a better idea of what the albums look and feel like than a single stock image does.

Premium Linen Album

Our Premium Linen Album comes in two sizes, 9.25 x 7.4 or 13 x 11 in a horizontal orientation. The Linen finish comes in seven colors; Ivory, Sand, Charcoal, Black, Pale Pink, Baby Blue, and Ruby Red. All have a heavily textured feel. The front cover of each album has a full-cover image impressed into the Linen and UV coated for clean-ability and durability.

Each album comes with 24 pages. Additional pages can be added but is typically not necessary - you could have as few as 12 images and as many as 72, although I don't recommend either - somewhere between 20-35 images is ideal. Images can be a complete two-page spread, have one image per page, or two images per page. I don't recommend any more than three images across a two-page spread. You want your images to stand out, not be clustered up. Images are sublimated right onto the page, not slid-in photo album style. Pages are super thick and lay-flat, giving you a solid, clean surface.

Each Album is hand bound and includes a Linen presentation box in a matching or complimentary color. There are hand made in New Zealand, so after the album is ordered it can take up to three weeks to arrive. All products are sent to me to be quality checked, then packaged for you to pick up, be delivered, or mail.

The Premium Linen 9.25 x 7.4" Album is $350

The Premium Linen 13 x 11 Album is $425

Premium Leather Album

I first ordered this Premium Linen Album to hold my daughter's wedding images, and I was so impressed I dropped all other offerings in favor of this brand only.

This Premium Leather Album comes in a supple, hand bound leather cover available in four timeless colors - White, Black, Mocha, and Grey. Much the same as the Linen, the layflat pages are super thick, but come in a choice of Lustre, High Gloss, or Eggshell (Lustre is standard.) The page and image restraints are the same as that of the Linen Album.

The Leather cover has many more image options than the Linen - who's only choice is a full page image cover. The Leather cover can have a full cover image, a three-quarter size right-aligned image, a quarter size centered square or circular image, no image (blank cover) or a wide range of monogrammed text, all for no extra charge.

The Premium Leather Album comes with a padded presentation box in Linen wrap, available in a complimentary or contrasting color. A ribbon mounted into the bottom allows for easy removal and a delicate additional feature to the box. Turnaround time is the same as for the Linen Album.

Premium Leather 8 x 8 Album $550

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