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Eight Awesome Boudoir Outfits | That Aren't Lingerie!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

So you’ve booked your session, and you’ve spent countless hours on blogs, and Pinterest, and countless websites looking for the perfect lingerie...but you’re overwhelmed, or you don’t want to spend a small fortune on frilly things you’ll never wear again (although you should wear them again, but I digress) or you quite simply want something more casual for your own session. Well don’t worry, I got you, fam. Here’s my list of outfits to rock your session that aren’t lingerie!

A Statement Dress Your favorite little black dress, a sheer or lace paneled show-stopper, a cocktail dress with a thigh-high slit, or head-to-toe sequins; you need to start your session with a Statement Dress. Bring your favorite “I LOOK LIKE A GD GODDESS” dress, and rock that session. The best thing is, if you don’t have a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, you don’t have to spend it on one. My very favorite places to pick up amazing dresses that won’t break the bank is Poshmark, Ross, and Goodwill/thrift stores. Grab your besties and get shopping.

(FYI - Poshmark user @lisashipley822 is the undisputed queen of the cheap statement dress!)

A Swimsuit Especially if we’re doing an outdoor or beach session, a swimsuit is a great addition to your boudoir wardrobe. One piece, two piece, lacy, crochet, strappy – the possibilities are endless. Throw in a cute boho cover up and you’re going to feel like sunshine itself!

A Non-Lingerie Bodysuit Sometimes it feels like as soon as something crosses into the realm of ‘lingerie’ it cost triples...But you can pick up super cute bodysuits all day in the regular clothing section! A ribbed cotton suit is adorable under a pair of jeans, so they’re kind of having a moment and you can find them everywhere (for half the price.)

A Pretty Robe Yes, we love to use sheer and lace robes for your session, they’re just so classy. But we love a pretty robe too! The best thing is you probably don’t even have to go buy one, If you’ve been a part of a wedding party in the last five years I can guarantee you’ve been given at least one.

A Button-Down Shirt Your shirt, your man’s shirt, anybody’s shirt works! Tailored, loose, open, white and starched or cotton flannel, I love me a button-down shirt. Plus if you happen to not have one, you can pick them up literally anywhere on the cheap.

A Tank Top A white tank top and cotton panties are a super flattering, classic boudoir item. And you probably have both lying around! White is the classic option, but you can get them in all kinds of colors now; black has a little more edge, grey is universally flattering, and jewel tones bring out your feminine side.

A T-Shirt A too-large V-neck T-shirt can be your best friend. Tie it up on one side, let the neck slip over a shoulder, and girl, you’re smoldering! White and grey work best, they’re classy and understated and don’t scream attention so it’s all on you.

A Sweater Sweaters, sweatshirts, even shawls are perfect for boudoir, especially if they’re slouchy and oversized. Pair this with matching or contrasting undies (or nothing underneath!), knee-high socks, or even thigh-high boots and you’re in business.

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