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Codi's Simple Session | Wild Woods

Codi was referred by another client, Jenisa, and came out to do a Simple Session with me in Oaks Park. It had rained all afternoon and I was so worried that it would ruin the session. The rain did stop by the time we got out there, but the air was muggy and the streets were hazy which we used to our advantage! The foliage literally shimmered making the whole set glow.

Read on to hear Codi's experience, and scroll to the bottom to read about the funniest part (because something hilarious ALWAYS seems to happen during sessions XD)

Describe yourself or your session experience in three words:

Confidence, Self-Respect, New Experience.

Where did you choose to do your session and why?

We chose to do it outside (in Oaks Park) it was my first (session) and honestly I love outdoor photos.

Did you have hair and makeup done?

I did my own makeup and straightened my hair. I tried to stay as natural as I could.

What clothing did you chose and why?

My husband picked out my black lingerie from Victoria's Secret, and I had a light blue set I wanted to wear I'd gotten from there as well. I also went with the white pearl (Ocean Goddess) set because it was beautiful but simple.

What was your favorite part of the session?

My favorite part was Val (awww!) and the fact that I was doing them for both myself and my husband. Val made everything so easy and comfortable!

How did the reveal go?

The reveal was great. I couldn't believe that the person in the photos was me! I couldn't believe I actually did it! XD I was super excited, I brought my husband with me so he could see them first and pick out the images for his album. He was shocked as well and so in love with them.

If you had one piece of advice for someone thinking of getting a session done what would it be?

I do say just do it! You only live once, whether your doing it for yourself or a loved one, you won't regret it. I loved every minute of mine and I see myself in a different light now. I love myself for who I am; fat rolls, stretch marks, dimples and all. Thank you so much for the confidence boost. <3

So neither of us are Florida natives, we're both Midwest girls. I know what's lurking around in he water in the Midwest and it's typically no worse than a snapping turtle, so I never hesitated to climb into an unknown body of water. Florida, however, is different. There are thigs here that will eat you.

In Myakkahatchie Preserve there is a stream I will get in, but it's about 6 inches deep. Oaks Park has...well I hesitate to call it a stream. The water flows really fast and its always brackish and dark. I don't trust it.

On the day of our session it had been raining steadily not just that day but for a week prior, and all the waterways were flooded. But we REALLY wanted a water image with the Ocean Goddess set....so we wandered in. Codi went first (she's clearly braver than me) so toe the waters and see how deep it was. Surprisingly, it wasn't deep, so we moved around to find the best shots and snapped a few. I almost fell in head first just getting into it...but that's not even the funny part.

We're about ten images in, not far from the bank and Codi's face goes blank for a second, then she yells "OHMYGOD IT TOUCHED ME!" and we both tear out of that water like it was going to melt us. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life.

Session was officially done after that! XD

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