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Boudoir Session Outfits | The Men's Edition!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We don't get a lot of men in the office. I'm not sure why that is; maybe men think that boudoir is a women's game (not true.) Maybe they feel that it's too soft, feminine, or pretty for them (I mean....maybe but this doesn't have to be true. ) Either way, I'm SUPER tickled when I get a guy in to shoot.

Men's boudoir outfits are a lot different than women's. Honestly the hardest thing about women's lingerie is sorting through all the choices and endless possibilities. With men we have to be a little more creative. We'll start with the basics and expand from there.

(And as a side note, I am absolutely as passionate about men loving their bodies as I am for women. Unfortunately even in my sample images below (none of which are mine, just that; examples) you're going to see a lot of rock hard abs and think that this is the norm for men's boudoir. IT IS NOT. As I expand and shoot more male clients, my blog will change, and hopefully perceptions will change. You do NOT have to look like a male model or a Greek God to do a boudoir shoot, male or female. I know you hear this from me a lot, BUT NORMAL BODIES ARE NORMAL. Let's celebrate that.

And I speak for more women than just myself when I say that Dad bod is a thing and we love it.)


Yep. Nude. Nekkid. Birthday Suit.

We will almost always do a nude or implied nude in a men's session. This typically tends to be under a sheet or wrapped in a towel. Also hidden behind object (like a plant) can be really fun and aesthetically interesting. If you have a cool tub or shower some suds 'n bubbles sure never turned anyone off!


I know, this is a really oversimplified answer, so lets elaborate a bit.

Tighty whities and boxer briefs are the boudoir option of choice. This is because they show off a little more of your...natural curvature. All colors and patterns are welcome here, white, grey and black are classy, bright colors make you seem more outgoing, plus gives what is typically a more muted color palette (if shooting indoor) a pop of color. Patterns can be anything from a stripe down the side to the American flag, and there is a lot of options that play on the funnier side. These are particularly used in our funnier 'Dudeoir' sessions but I personally like a little bit of cheekiness even in regular sessions if your personality and vision allows.


A lose, worn in pair of blue jeans slung low on the hips or a brand new pair of skinny jeans, there is something inherently sexy when blue jeans meet butt. Go shirtless. You're welcome.

If you're going a little more high-powered you can switch the jeans for a pair of dress pants. Alternately for a super casual look sweatpants or pajama bottoms give an air of relaxed comfort.

A T-Shirt

A plain white tee paired with one of the abovementioned bottoms is a classic choice. Now take it off. SLOWLY.

Button downs are also acceptable ;)


There are a lot of extras and accessories that really show your personality that we welcome in your session. Jewelry of any kind, a tie, maybe a favorite hat, even funny socks. Men's boudoir has a huge range and can look like anything from a spread in GQ to tongue-in-cheek Dudoir.


Yes, I did say lingerie. As with everything, men's lingerie has become more PC and is trying to have a moment. I'm starting to see everything from obvious budgie smugglers to actual lace lingerie for the male demographic. "Wear what make you feel amazing" is the name of the game here, so if lacy lingerie appeals to you, lets get it on.

For the most comprehensive selection of men's underwear I've ever seen, check hisroom.com. For lace and frills, amazon is a sure hit, and the general consensus is just to get what you want, whether it's originally intended for men or women.

A note from me:

Another one, because my body-inclusion soapbox isn't enough. I also want to touch on client-photographer comfort and compatibility here. A lot of guys won't do a boudoir session because the feel they can't really relax. Most boudoir photographers are women, because we mostly cater to women. Just like they have to potential to feel like a piece of meat in front of a male photographer (although I sincerely hope that would never happen) a guy could feel awkward in front of a female photog and feel like he can't let himself go.

You can, and you should. I'm just speaking of myself and my personal experience, (I can't speak for all photogs) but I will not look at you that way. While your session very well may be showing off your sexiness and may or may not include nudes, I will not be staring at you behind the camera like a side of beef.

I am completely comfortable seeing both men and women nude, with no sexual implications whatsoever. I'm a photographer, and a professional. I look at the way your body curves, I look at the way light hits, and I make sure you look absolutely freakin fabulous. I've been married fifteen years, I have children, and I spent a decade in the home healthcare field, which includes bathing random strangers. YOU CAN NOT PHASE ME.

Come in, grab a beer, get comfortable, and let's shoot. I promise you there will be no regrets.

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