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I'm obsessed with my pictures,

I can't even believe some of them are me!  After your session you will you feel like the Goddess you are!


Our Why -

I love the look and feel of boudoir, the intimacy of the session, the bravery it takes to give that album to someone special, and the feeling of power the client feels during the shoot.  No other photograph will bare your soul like Boudoir does, and that's something everyone should experience.

Sophia Barra Boudoir is  the premier Fine Art Boudoir photography in SW Florida, servicing clients from Ft Meyers to Sarasota.  We specialize in indoor and outdoor natural light photography, and have an impeccable eye for the little details.   We've also added an online lingerie boutique, to help you during (and after!) your session. 

See our About Us page for our backstory and the future of Sophia Barra Boudoir & Boutique!

What's Your Why?


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Before, during, and after your session, let Sophia Barra Boudoir style your experience!  

We have a fully stocked and always changing Client Closet for use during your session - every session has access to every item in the closet, with no extra charges.


We are always expanding our offerings, and all our pieces are modeled on real women with real bodies, so you can see exactly how they look in real life!

Little Love Notes...


“I had always thought about doing a session, but I have serious self-esteem issues.

Then I made the leap with Sophia Barra Boudoir...”



“I stepped way out of my comfort zone to do a Boudoir session for my husband.

Sophia Barra Boudoir has forever changed my view of myself.”



“When you do the reveal you will be in awe at the images.  I'm obsessed with my pictures.  

Valerie will make you feel like the Goddess you are.”



“Valerie made me feel super comfortable in my own skin, she was able to show my myself in a completely new way. 

I couldn't be happier.”


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Meet our Team

Hey, Gorgeous!

I'm Valerie - owner and photographer for Sophia Barra Boudoir and Simpson Photography.  I started Simpson Photography in 2005, went full time in 2015, built my brand with weddings and couples portraiture, shot eight weddings in two months and was published sixteen times in six months...just to realize I was burned out.  We moved to Florida, and I took a year off from photography so I could find my spark again.  I thought long and hard about what I loved most about photography.  I got a 'normal' job again.  My husband worked out of state for six months, and for his birthday I did a Boudoir session for him.  

And I knew I'd found it.

I'd shot Boudoir as Simpson Photography.  I'd held huge Boudie Parties where I rented entire mansions and we ran sessions for the whole weekend, sleep-over style.  But because I was building my brand on weddings, I never went full time with it, Boudoir was just a fun side session to do on free weekends.

When I did my own, something changed.  I'd changed.  I'd recently lost weight.  My husband was away, and for the first time in fifteen years I was doing things for myself instead of him, I was taking care of myself for the first time in a long time.  And while I had initially booked the Boudoir session for my husband's birthday, in the end, it was for me.  It restored my self-assurance, it made me feel beautiful without someone telling me I was, and the confidence it gave me afterwards was AMAZING!  I realized that's exactly what I wanted my photography to do for others; that would be my legacy.

My art has always been soft, light filled, intimate, and beautiful.  I've always obsessed on the little details (crucial during weddings.)  My goal has always been to make my subject feel like they've never been more gorgeous.  Now I want to do that every day, for everyone.  

Welcome to Sophia Barra Boudoir.


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